Reviews for "R!SE"


Excellent work! I like how you can make your own creature. The gameplay is very smooth, with a silly theme. And It's also cool how landing kills you (squish!).

Great work!

Can't wait for the next one =)

Denvish responds:

Thanks =)
This has taken me a loooong time to make. The creature builder was just an add-on to start off with, but it became a lot more complex

A Very Good Game

I really enjoyed playing this game. The editor may be limited, but it can produce some wildly varying designs. I think I am actually pretty good at it too (12829 points!!). I like the idea of creating little cute pets and then THROWING THEM TO THEIR DEATH!! It is a very good idea for a game, and is executed perfectly. I am glad that this made the front page, because it is one of the most unique and fun games I've ever played. The sound is good, with the Super Mario song transitioning to heavy death metal, also. I gave a 2 for humor because there is none in this flash, besides watching the cute little devil blow to pieces. Thank you very much for submitting this game, for it has made my day. Some possible improvements for a sequel (pleez make a R!SE 2!!) may be the ability to save replays and post them on a leaderboard, and an ongoing competition meter, showing you how well your favorite players are doing. A very good game, sir. I commend you.


it's fun


awsome game bro!


Hahahah! Great!