Reviews for "R!SE"


Wow! an actual good game! its very addictive and loads fast.

I hope this gets on the front page keep up the good work :)

Denvish responds:

Thanks, I'll try =)

Better than expected

Its not often I see a good game with a small filesize and for some reason its easy to become addicted to seing the created creature fall to his death. All in all it was a great game and one with a deep create a creature feature.


Denvish responds:

Heh, if it wasn't for the audio (which I intended to load in from my site), the filesize would have been 22 Kb. Basically, all graphics are created using Actionscript - there are no symbols. Check my other submissions for more API games


Excellent work! I like how you can make your own creature. The gameplay is very smooth, with a silly theme. And It's also cool how landing kills you (squish!).

Great work!

Can't wait for the next one =)

Denvish responds:

Thanks =)
This has taken me a loooong time to make. The creature builder was just an add-on to start off with, but it became a lot more complex