Reviews for "R!SE"

i dont get this

i dont get it you make a smething and u drop it and watch it splat thats what i dont get anyeay great game

great game!

i called mine mr potato and matt

Pretty fun

Fun idea, but there were too many times where no springs showed up to give it a better score


It's an alright game even though I don't really like these dress up games, but I liked the fact that you have to shoot "it" up as far as you can and with little boosts but sometimes the game glitches as in my guy is flying up then he gets stuck on nothing >.> , although without that bug and a few more details I think this game would be great! :)

Quite creative

I am not a fan of dress up games and do not play them unless they have like a really hot chick in them or something like that. I still loved this because it was a great way to show off your creativity. Granted, I had no idea where half of these body parts were supposed to go on the creature, but that made it more insane! I love how there are so many colors to choose from with everything. The design is a little simplistic, but it is extremely effective at making tons of combos. It is definitley a gadget I can play with for hours.