Reviews for "R!SE"


awsome! i love it! the music gets sorta annoying after a while..


Very good game never gets boring alwys funny lol!

You will always impress me.

Another pearl you made. The idea ain't completely new, but you added some personality to the game by allowing users the create their own creatures. A really good idea.
And again, you had to make it all in API. Which makes it, of course, twice as impressive. And this game in API has an ever better quality than many other "normal" games.

Graphics - 10 - Created in API, but better than what I'd be able to draw. Wow.
Style - 10 - Nice, I liked the little "extras" like the dust and the graphic effects when you catch a star.
Sound - 10 - I loved how you switched the music when the game starts. Really good idea.
Violence - 10 - Throwing up little critters is pretty violent, especially when they come down.
Interactivity - 10 - Actually this should be 12/10.
Humor - 10 - The concept is funny, as well as the little things you throw with.

To conclude this review, I would like to congratulate you again for the accomplishment this game is. A true masterpiece.


Denvish responds:


Fanks for teh revewe mistu


nice game but needs a little more work.

Denvish responds:

Like what?

Fun but takes a while

The game is fun but depending on your launch, it could take a while. i made a creature out of random parts & got a score of 43913!