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Reviews for "Dagon Chicken Assault"


Perfect remake of WCIII Frozen Throne's Defense of the Ancients' popular strategy! Go DAGON CHICKEN!

All tens!

See this is what it looks like with all tens but this was just a joke! You don't derserve tens at all congrats! ;)

creative take at dota

I could recognize pudge and nightstalker, but what was the 1point thing supposed to be? anyway, overall its a nice game if you know what its about

That was actually really good!

I love making people cry with my reviews but i dont have that much wrong with this game. The only thing I disliked was that the sword had to load. I liked the background music and thought that (while cheesy) the drawings were pretty good. I liked that pig thing it was funny.

I love dota but...

This concept was new i agree...and it does have its giggles. But the fact that u make 1 item in dota a game is kinda odd...

Graphics - Not bad. Isnt exactly great but atleast u brought the point.

Style - Mightve been a better style if the "targets" related to characters or creeps to the actual dota game.

Sound - the sound quality wasnt bad. The music was kinda cool. And the sound effect of dagon was accurate.

Violence - The violence is there but not harsh so it wasnt much of an issue.

Interactivity - Since it's a game interactivity will automatically be pretty high.

Humor - It had its "haha's" but it wasnt exactly entertaining.