Reviews for "Mega Man 2 - Dividence (Wily)"


This tune is so epic for anyone who played (and replayed Megaman 2) you mastered it !!!!

You never cease to amaze me.

This was one of the most unique & creative remixes i have heard for what is probably the best 8-bit track known to man in the Wily's Castle 2 theme,this had so much variety in style with a mix of rock/techno/trance/drum n bass and the quality was great considering all the mass amount of sound effects that all synced up very nicely,overall i was really impressed with this track which might be your best work and that's saying a lot.


You did everything right in this mix. You kept very near to the source material and didn't take so many artistic liberties to the point of annoyance. On the other hand, you switched up the rhythm and instrumentation enough to make a song that is repetitive by nature not seem as such. Kudos, sir.


I like where this is going - definitely hits the orchestral feel; but still seems to include some classic video game sounds to sweeten the feel.

Good on you!

right at the start i made it clear to myself that this is awesome, but i have still heard too many remixes from this song so i was gonna just pass this but, but, but...i need to download this, all my stars are belong to this!