Reviews for "Mega Man 2 - Dividence (Wily)"

Amazing... I'm almost speechless

This song feels incredibly epic. If they ever remade Megaman 2 I sincerely hope this would end up in Wily's stage.



saintedix responds:

Thanks for the praise rey. I don't even think this is one of my better Mega Man mixes either, probably because it is so overdone that you get used to hearing it :)

You never cease to amaze me.

This was one of the most unique & creative remixes i have heard for what is probably the best 8-bit track known to man in the Wily's Castle 2 theme,this had so much variety in style with a mix of rock/techno/trance/drum n bass and the quality was great considering all the mass amount of sound effects that all synced up very nicely,overall i was really impressed with this track which might be your best work and that's saying a lot.


This tune is so epic for anyone who played (and replayed Megaman 2) you mastered it !!!!


Maybe I might use this for one of my flash coming up :o A MegaMan flash I will be coming soon

saintedix responds:

Go ahead and use it if you want. :) Thanks for the review.