Reviews for "Fuck DA"

Only problem I have with DA was the removal of some of my adult oriented pieces I even put an adult filter on them. But regardless they got removed. However I can also see why they did it.. To protect the younger viewers. But what strikes me as a little bit off they don't really remove the photos of the nude parts themselves off of deviantart..

If anything i'm a bit confused as to how things being censored or not being censored is put through and judged by the admins.. But hey it's all there for a reason. Just got to move onward..

Again you can always start posting your art and other things (if this is also about your art as well) On Pixiv.

SileNt-Sam responds:

i have nothing against that site i just made this for fun :P
it's getting really suck lately but who cares .. we got NG

Gotta say... I love newgrounds over DA...
I wonder what would happen if you posted this on DA.... heh.... hehehehe.....
Also, did you take any notes from spazkid's work. I noticed in the one frame, DA's goodies are a bit rounder...

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah i'd do it if i wasn't banned there
yup ! his style is awesome , been trying to learn some poses from him lately

You should post this to rule 34

SileNt-Sam responds:

too lazy for dat

while its obvious that newgrounds is WAY better than DA, this is kinda...shocking?
good work, and ummmm NG rules, so yay ng!

Tbh Deviantart does suck now I blame the bronys for it, Btw Nice drawing :3