Reviews for "Dot Dot Dot"

i love the aniomation

The voice acting, Phenomenal. While it sounds great, making this was a complete dick move. As a creator you must not act out in such a way when someone makes a bad comment/review. It was his rather......not so greatly worded opinion and you have to accept it. Its like banning someone from your store if they didnt like some of the artwork that hangs on a wall or something like that. While I am extremely Late for the punch on this one, All this bashing on axman13 was totally unnecessary and not called for. That is all, 5/5.

D-Mac-Double responds:

It wasn't about me wanting to make fun of him for disliking the game. It was more about the creator and I being genuinely amused at how it was written, and the reviewer not realizing the game was supposed to be a joke.

Nonetheless, I did actually feel kind of bad, until Axman13 himself messaged me and said he legitimately enjoyed the Dot Dot Dot animation.

i would actually like to see this game...

It's a shame the person in question deleted his comment for the amount of ridicule he must of had to go through because of this. That's karma slapping you in the face right there!

beacuase of this audio, My stomach hurt.