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Reviews for "Star Day 2006:davidmoore0"

oh my god!

oh my god david it passed!!!!

David responds:

I know f00d! Congrats on your position.;)


thata boy david =D

David responds:

Yup. I need to submit one more though...

I dont care what they say

Star Syndicate owns, happy star day fellas

David responds:

Thanks man! Happy Star Day!


this is not a movie about willies it is about a guy named willy please make it about willies or people drawing willies instead

David responds:

Um it was just a filler. I don't plan on doing much with it..maybe.


One of the least crappy movies I've watched for this great day. A nice choice of audio and a great deal of random entertainment too. Nothing more I could ask for, keep up the great work!