Reviews for "Jezzball"


this braut back some old mems i loved this game way back and it reminded me of the other game chips challenge that game was sweet someone should make that game on flash it was sweet

Hell yeah!

I remember playing this pwnage on my old Win98! It came with that one free games collection.

Dude, cheers for remaking it. I hope there will be a downloadable version soon.

You are my hero.

Ah, memories...

They had this game on the servers at my old school. Seems like such a long time ago. It was called Jezzball aswell. Great game.


Ok i know u didnt make this game but i still love it and i love u cuz i havent played this game in years and u did a good job of remaking it.


I love this game! I remember the first version, and it was one of my favorite games. This is an excellent remake! Thank you!