Reviews for "Jezzball"

The game was aright

It was kind of boring and not really that fun so try harder next time. You could make the balls speed up and slow down. Also maybe give extra lives once people get to a certain amount of points.

Fun, but old

This isn't very creative seeing as there are hundreds of other games exactly like this one just different graphics. And one more thing, you should try not to copy other games even though its tempting.

not really fun

gets boring real quick, plus this is a rip off of the windows one, and anyone who rips off windows for an idea lol, wow......................

Where's the originality?

Good job ripping this game off of Barrack, an old mac game from 96.

Eh no

i hate it when ppl copy games and then dont give thhem any mention.You copied jezzball that was on the old windows.Your a fool,a fool.