Reviews for "Jezzball"

Hey I remember this

I played this game back in Windows 3.11. That version had smoother animations and better sound. I think I'll go play THAT version instead.


its a pretty bad rip off of the original game, sorry, but it is.


Yeah. I like this game, but it's been around. It got really glitchy the more balls you got, making it suck to beat a level, since balls will start skipping blocks.


lets see....

First off, i dont know if you admitted it or not but this is not your game, i played this game for years.
Secondly, you could spice up the game if you added some music.
Thirdly, you should make it more interesting, like added some weird moving guy instead of 6 balls.
Fourthy, its a bit boring.
Lastly, its to easy i got like a shit load of points in the first 6 levels, you should make a safegaurd preventing you from making a like four square box.

a game from my gpas old cpu

ya, this was a game that was on my gpas old cpu, along with solitaire, hearts, etc. go for originality. ORIGINALITY ROCKS!!!!