Reviews for "Jezzball"

I've seen so many of these

Yea i've seen so many versions, they get old.

iv played better

its ok for a game...you did an ok job on the remake....alot of glitches though...work out the bugs, and ill give you a 10

Was an ok game.

I used to play this alot back when I had win 32 (or was it win 98, I forget, I was like 5 =p.) Was nice to play it again. But there are a few bugs. One was the ball bounced off the blue line before it became solid. Another was I trapped a ball, but it for some reason went through a wall, and not one I had just made.


that is one of the worst games i haved played

Hey I remember this

I played this game back in Windows 3.11. That version had smoother animations and better sound. I think I'll go play THAT version instead.