Reviews for "Jezzball"

I've seen so many of these

Yea i've seen so many versions, they get old.

iv played better

its ok for a game...you did an ok job on the remake....alot of glitches though...work out the bugs, and ill give you a 10

How? Why?

How is it that an old classic game like jezzball came up on newgrounds? What's next? Centipede? Asteroids? I love the game and I'm sorta happy to see it again but you can't expect high marks for a duplication of a classic game.


Yeah, I've seen this one before too on a Macintosh Performa 550. That's kinda close to first generation color Mac, so this is a pretty old game. Game was well done, but got old fast. No power-ups + no way to win the entire game = boredom after 6 or so levels.


that is one of the worst games i haved played