Reviews for "Jezzball"


Man, I loved the original, though unsuprisingly, the original is better. I actually own it, and I play it frequently. This is a nice adaption, so congratulations. Unfortunately no points for originality, but it still is as addictive and fun as the first. Funnily enough, not many people know this is an adaptation, but that's good because you'll get a higher rating! So good on you, and next time let's see an original!

umm yea nice game but

yea nice game but u stole it iv played this game befor this game is defiatel stolen if i could blow the wistel i would do it in a heart beat

Good, but it has some flaws.

I love the style of this old school game. The gameplay was decent, but their were a few glitches. At certain points, balls would bounce off the red or the blue squares, not go through and delete them. The percentages were also off. It seems like there was a fair amount of rounding. When you get to the later levels, that rounding makes it more difficult, considering that you are trying to trap every ball and optimize space to trap in the multiple balls. Another glitch was that a ball would occasionally ride the wall if it didn't have anywhere to go. Besides those glitches, this game was a great remake. The filesize was small, and the graphics were visually appealing. Overall. Decent game, keep up the good work. 3/5.



I used to love this game, but nothing beats the original. =\.

this all seems vaguley familiar

i remember playing this way back in the day on my old PC, and when i say old i mean it. alarmingly i never understood why i liked it then and i still cant figure it out. anyways, huzzah for a remake, i guess.