Reviews for "Jezzball"

mhhh well

just a remake (a very good one) of an really old game .... u could give the game more elements

couldve been a lot better

this is lacking of background music and action!

level six was so dam hard man. too many balls. maybe there shuld be powerups or smth like create a wall faster. i dun really care whether it is a ripoff as wad some morons belowx2 said.

i lurv this type of game but it seriously is lackin a lot of elements. maybe u made it in a jiffy? nice game overall.

decent, but could improve

I would suggest making the right mouse button the way to change the direction of the line. That way, the game can be played entirely using the mouse.
Decent game, though obviously one I have seen before.
Entertaining for awhile.


Man, I loved the original, though unsuprisingly, the original is better. I actually own it, and I play it frequently. This is a nice adaption, so congratulations. Unfortunately no points for originality, but it still is as addictive and fun as the first. Funnily enough, not many people know this is an adaptation, but that's good because you'll get a higher rating! So good on you, and next time let's see an original!


I noticed 2 glitches...
1. I tried to clear an area near a ball and the ball jumped into the border and slid down to another area and came out.
2. I had several balls separated into small areas and i cleared all the areas to 4 squares and my percentage stayed at 70. I believe the problem is if the area you clear is less than 1 percent it doesnt add up.