Reviews for "Jezzball"

A decent game

The first playthrough may seem addicting but it gets old fast. Also as you progress the game, it gets too difficult (only got to level 11) that most people would probably fail to finish the game (when is the last level?)

It's alright though. Good job.

Simple but good!

Cool game, I got totally addicted to it. The concept is so simple yet so fun, the graphics are simple aswell and fits game perfectly. It gets a bit boring after a couple of times though.

not bad.

I give you points for nostalgic bliss. I remember playing this years ago back in the days of Windows 3.1. (God, I sounded like an old man there.)

The problem is, THIS GAME REALLY FRUSTRATED ME. No, not your version, the original game pissed me off. I'm rating this on the quality of the game, but I won't dock off because this game annoyed me.

Good game.

Good Remake

It is almost like the one I used to play, but with better graphics and addictive as ever. The only problem I have, is that its almost the same thing over and over without little changes. Sure you could try trapping a ball all by itself, but after that, it gets repititive. Its a great game remake, but doesn't really introduce anything new.
Grade: B

Nice but it looks very like another game ..

It looks very like a game called Fill it except in fill it you build walls with the arrow keys and I like fill it abit better