Reviews for "Jezzball"


This was a very good game but it was making my computer lag massivley. also when i got to level 8 it wouldnt go any higher than 71% and i know o had less than that. But other than those it was a great game.

I knocked off one point cuz....

Ok correct me if im wrong but if im on level 10 with 10 balls and i have 10 balls where each one is surrounded by 9 squares.. that'd make 90 squares left right? well it told me i was still 64 percent.. So either there is a bug in your game or im bad at math.. I mean the whole thing is 640 squares and i only had 90 left..... isn't that WAY more than 64 percent? Great game but that glitch killed it from being a 10.. PS i never gotten as far on the original game on my computer as this one..



Ok i know u didnt make this game but i still love it and i love u cuz i havent played this game in years and u did a good job of remaking it.

challanging yet awsome

its a lil hard and after level 4 or something it gets kinda boring but otherwise its a awsome game good job!

ah the memories...

... I use-to (and now can again) love this game