Reviews for "Jezzball"


ok abit hard later lvl but its still ok

ok i guess...

pretty good. some glitches with balls though the walls. lol that rhymed. just a copy though. very hard once you have like 9 balls lol


lol this game is awesome!! i have it on my TI-84 rofl...but that version is realy glitchy, i didnt find a single glitch in this one. the grid format is pretty helpful too. ok well nice job on this


A nice remake of a good game..

One of the greatest games made on the planet.. And this person remade it.. Albeit a few random ball glitches of it going through walls and what not but nothings perfect..

A great game for relaxing between jobs.

I keep this one handy for those much-needed rest periods after viewing to much scrolling content or read too much text. Too bad it only reaches 16 balls. It requires a strategy and patience, as well as judgment and timing. I recommend Jezzball to anyone who needs a break or needs to sharpen their troubleshooting ability, predicting skills or reflexes.