Reviews for "Jezzball"

Just like the original

This brought back awesome memories. At my old pre-Junior high school, they let our class play this game (and a few others). This of course is quite better in terms of graphics though. Overall, It's just a fun game. I can still get the ball in a 1 space square! ^_^

This game is fun!

gameplay was awesome, kind of hard to figure out the object at first, but after that, it was really fun! i got to level 8 :)

needs med and low quality

i could only play it on high quality, and every time my lines finish moving, the game would lag for a split second. its not annoying at first, but when your trying to trap balls into 2x2 squares (in the windows version, i even got to just a 1x1 square) it gets rather annoying. also, i didnt rate sound since i didnt have sound on in my comp, so if there was sound, i never heard it.

Hell yeah!

I remember playing this pwnage on my old Win98! It came with that one free games collection.

Dude, cheers for remaking it. I hope there will be a downloadable version soon.

You are my hero.


well the idea was good, but first of all the fact that you have to start all over if you get hit, well that is just plain st*pid..

But otherwise the game was amusing :)