Reviews for "Jezzball"

Good effort, but buggy

Jezzball is a fun game, and I'm actually surprised no one's made a flash version of it up to this point. Your game looks and plays well, and if it weren't for some major bugs, I'd give you a 10. The bugs I noticed are:

1. If 2 balls bounce off each other near a wall, one ball goes THROUGH the wall, often getting dumped somewhere random.

2. Occasionally, you'll trap a ball in a box, but the other half of the area doesn't fill. This one's minor, as you can draw a line anywhere in the empty box, and it will then fill all of it.

3. If a ball MAJORLY glitches due to #1, your percent counter FREEZES. No matter how many squares you fill, the percent will not go up, you cannot complete the level, and you automatically lose the game.

iv played better

its ok for a game...you did an ok job on the remake....alot of glitches though...work out the bugs, and ill give you a 10

not bad.

I give you points for nostalgic bliss. I remember playing this years ago back in the days of Windows 3.1. (God, I sounded like an old man there.)

The problem is, THIS GAME REALLY FRUSTRATED ME. No, not your version, the original game pissed me off. I'm rating this on the quality of the game, but I won't dock off because this game annoyed me.

Good game.

Simple but good!

Cool game, I got totally addicted to it. The concept is so simple yet so fun, the graphics are simple aswell and fits game perfectly. It gets a bit boring after a couple of times though.

Superb, just superb.

This brings me back to the endless days of playing this on the omld Win95! I'm glad somneone finally did a great remake of it! Thank you sir! (Tips Hat)