Reviews for "Jezzball"


I remember playing the original on Windows 3.1 about 10 years ago... I like it more than most newer games, nice job.


IN LVL 2 I closed the space for a ball then it went to the other hole.


I remember this game. I used to play it as a computer application way back in the day, many years ago.. I can't remember what it was originally called though. But it began with a J. Was it jezzball? Bleh, I don't remember. But you should have at least given credit to where you got the idea from, I mean this isn't totally your own original idea or anything. Still, nice remake.


I like Jezz Ball, but I have to say, I like the one on my computer. I moved it from our old old computer to my dell, Jezz Ball is an old classic game, and I love it...the bad thing is, your game isnt all that... >.> One main problem is when it puts the wall on there, it freezes for a sec...Work on that...The whole space thing sucks, but thats cause it's flash. I'll stick to the one on my computer...But its not that bad of a game. =P

alright game...

the game is ANNOYING as hell... but other then that good job