Reviews for "Jezzball"

i love the game ...but...

awesome game...but my balls kept moving around the outside and goin back in the squares...then i lost my last life....kinda a rip off


OmglikeHEGIES is totaly right.


I used to love this game, but nothing beats the original. =\.


this game brings back memories... used to love this game :)

It is a great game but...

The graphics are pleasing and the sounds are limited but any more would get to irritating. The problem is sometimes when you trap the atoms in very small squares they for some random reason "wiggle-out" and join the other atoms in the larger areas. Now normally i would understand that this is just a glitch, but it ruins the main point of the game! Don't get me wrong, i really like this game, but when it prevents me from reaching the main goal (to trap them in the smallest squares possible), one tends to loose interest fast. Other than that minor, yet in regards to the main goal it is somewhat significant, problem this is a really fun game to play. (Those who do NOT experience this problem will most likely enjoy this game.)