Reviews for "Jezzball"

Classic remake

Liked it, a bit glitchy, and lame sound.. But lots of fun.. Used to play it all the time, fix it up a bit in general and give it some real sound.


Good game, one of those classics I used to play lots, needed some music though. I found a glitch though, when i trapped a ball into a 2 x 3 grid in the lower left corner, the ball jumped into the the bottom frame, travelled along the frame until it came to an open space and then came back out, making my efforts to trap the damn thing in that space rather useless.


This is cool, but later it starts to get tough...
I think a bit background music would be good^^


Man, I loved the original, though unsuprisingly, the original is better. I actually own it, and I play it frequently. This is a nice adaption, so congratulations. Unfortunately no points for originality, but it still is as addictive and fun as the first. Funnily enough, not many people know this is an adaptation, but that's good because you'll get a higher rating! So good on you, and next time let's see an original!

great game to see in flash action!

i love mind games. these are one of them. you have few errors. When i made a wall that will help me complete the level and it gets partially destroyed, the half that is solid remains even in the next round, but does not do anything. it doesn't serve as a wall, but is still displayed. maybe make an if statement to fix that problem