Reviews for "Jezzball"

Very close to the original

Very nice overall. However, if a player traps the ball, it is about half likely the ball is going to escape the trap. That bug needs to be fixed. A high score table also could to be added.

I agree with IceMan

Graphics : 10 (better graphics than Win. 98)
Style : 10 (Same style)
Sound : 10
Violence : 10, because is Microsoft sees this, Bill will kill you...^^
Interactivity : 10
Humor : It's exactly the same style as Win. 98 version and prob. an identical script, so...10.

it was allright

ALTHOUGH ive seen this exact game for windows 98..... so i give u 0 for originallity.... i mean u used the same name for it and everything man


I liked that this game was given an upgrade. I used to really enjoy this on the computer. However, i think you should've added some new twist to the game to make it more exciting. Not a bad remake though.

this all seems vaguley familiar

i remember playing this way back in the day on my old PC, and when i say old i mean it. alarmingly i never understood why i liked it then and i still cant figure it out. anyways, huzzah for a remake, i guess.