Reviews for "Jezzball"

good job

Got farther than I did in the original

good work


this is an awesome game... and a classic! the guy who reveiwed before me must stick his penis into another mans bottom and he is smelly and i dont like him


its ok...u tried!
sadly u failed

Would've been a 7 (good from me) if not for bugs.

Despite the fact that this is a straigt-up clone of the Jezzball I played back in the days of 3.1, it's still fun. Balls do tend to escape traps once you get 5 or more going though, and when I had 12, the percentage counter quit working - I had all 12 bals within 4 squares or less (had 2 stopped completely), but the counter quit going up after 60%. That annoyed me after getting that far through the game.


Yeah. I like this game, but it's been around. It got really glitchy the more balls you got, making it suck to beat a level, since balls will start skipping blocks.