Reviews for "Jezzball"

umm yea nice game but

yea nice game but u stole it iv played this game befor this game is defiatel stolen if i could blow the wistel i would do it in a heart beat


I LOVE YOU!!!! Oh my god I have the original game on my computer. If i could I would give this a 5 1/2.

A fun and challenging game.

As stated above. It is fun and challenging. I played it for hours when I discovered it. It isn't much graphically but it's genius is it's simplicity and it's atrociously addictive.


I noticed 2 glitches...
1. I tried to clear an area near a ball and the ball jumped into the border and slid down to another area and came out.
2. I had several balls separated into small areas and i cleared all the areas to 4 squares and my percentage stayed at 70. I believe the problem is if the area you clear is less than 1 percent it doesnt add up.

lets see....

First off, i dont know if you admitted it or not but this is not your game, i played this game for years.
Secondly, you could spice up the game if you added some music.
Thirdly, you should make it more interesting, like added some weird moving guy instead of 6 balls.
Fourthy, its a bit boring.
Lastly, its to easy i got like a shit load of points in the first 6 levels, you should make a safegaurd preventing you from making a like four square box.