Reviews for "Jezzball"

Challenging but fun.

Fun game, but could've used some music. Good presentation overall though.


Got to the 10th level and contained each ball in their own box. My percent completed was at 74%. I proceeded to create lines right along the walls that were closed off and created about 10 lines in those boxes, but my percent didn't even go up 1 percent, when clearly I must have taken away about 5%. Sorry, I was going to give this game a higher score, because it is one of my favorites, but when the % glitch game up, it ruined my experience.

Rule changes make it TOO EASY!

Nice programming etc., I know it is hard work to make a game that looks nice and moves as smoothly as this nice piece of work, and you have done well on that!

A couple of nitpicks: the animation for the walls as they are being made is pretty bland and not very exciting to watch. Considering that this game is almost entirely about watching your walls grow, it's kinda a downer. The sounds aren't very engaging either--when that crucial last wall is busted by a Jezz Atom, I want it to sound painful! Like breaking glass or something besides a small pop.

The other issue is the difficulty. I haven't played Qix, which I assume is a fore-runner of the Jezzball I played on old Windows computers, but in the Jezzball that I played in the olden times of yore, the timer was decreased not automatically, but everytime that a Jezz Atom bounced off a wall. This makes for a challenging game because you don't have the freedom of just waiting for JUST the right moment to make a wall. Instead, you have to act quickly in order to capture that great score, and that's where your skill comes in.

The next issue is about scoring: in the old one, there was a bonus for extra lives at the end of each round, as well as for time. See, everything was tied together and inter-related, so I'm not sure why you opted for this simplifed, much-easier version that you have.

It's executed very well for what it is, and I enjoyed the game in general, with fond memories.

Not a bad throw-back.

Graphically, it wasn't special. I personally prefered the black and grey scheme of the original as it seemed more focused and more appealing.

Sound was the usual fare. It fit within the context of the game and was clear. It just wasn't anything special.

I wasn't the greatest fan of Qix, it was fun for a little while and challenging, but its fun to reminisce for a while.

Okay remake of Qix.

Qix is a classic game, and this is an interesting take on it. I played it for a few minutes and had fun. No problems or glaring errors that I could see. Good work!