Reviews for "Jezzball"

Great Game, Great Game

Great remake of that old PC game. I used to be soo addicted to it and it's so refreshing to see a flash version of one. I wonder if someone will make a flash version of Chip's Challenge. Hmm.


I kno all you did was recreate a classic game, but because i havent seen it in like 5 years makes it awesome. I can finally play the game i saw my dad playing on his computer in 1995.

Seriously, this game is gonna please a lot of ppl... keep up the good work

Thank you

Thank you, for making jezz ball a part of my life again after so many years I can finaly play it again. But you should put some sounds in it like the balls bouncing and a sound for when your beam is broken. And theres alot of bugs. The balls tend to go through thin walls sometimes. One time the ball accualy leeft the surface and went bouncing along the sideline. But besides that its very good.

Ah, memories...

They had this game on the servers at my old school. Seems like such a long time ago. It was called Jezzball aswell. Great game.

pretty sweet game....

it reminds me of a game i played in an arcade at one point in time that i cant remember the name...... in any case, fun to play and helps with your thinking process for the timing....... oh just to let u know, those bastards from ebaumsworld have your game on their main page. not sure whether u gave them permission or not to use it on their site, but i figure better to let u know.