Reviews for "Jezzball"


This was part of a game pack that microsoft kicked out in the 90s. Good job. Takes me back.


I love this game! I remember the first version, and it was one of my favorite games. This is an excellent remake! Thank you!


I've always liked this game. It's great that you brought it back to life!
I've noticed that the balls have a slight tendancy to wriggle out of a box or past a bit of wall sometimes, but that's not too annoying or frequent. One thing that never seems to change about this game is that you can't save your progress; an endearing annoyance. Thank you so much for remaking this game.


I used to love this game when I was kid, playing this brought back so many memories! Thanks for the reminiscence!

brings me back

i love this game brings me back to the 90's