Reviews for "Prince Of Darkness"

When's the movie?

Like the last reviewer, it would make a devastating introduction for a movie, maybe even on tv. Ever considered to work there?

Has Potential!!

I'd like this to get onto newgrounds as a trailor for an upcoming flash movie. I'm definatly interested.

Nice art.


great graphics. i haven't seen the first but by this it is probably very good as well i hope you make many more.

It was good but didn't make much sense...

I remember seeing the first episode where the girl has flashbacks or memories of that dude with the veil down his face but this one didn't make too much sense.

Nevertheless, this flash has good graphics, good style, and....yeah...well would've gotten a better score from me if I understood it.
Great job still.


I liked it. I've never seen the thing its based on but it seemed really realistic. Definitely could've passed for a trailer. Also liked how you made it so dramatic. really made the movie/ series appealing hope to see more from you.