Reviews for "mario and the cannon"

Kick ass

Dude. That was auesome! I gave you a 10 on Interactivity because I was wondering is there something auewome in that block, but it was just a coin. Make another one!


Frontpage for you I think! First,, I thought this was a VGDC movie. Loved it. Good going! But, dont use so much of same sound like ''mama mia'' or ''aaaaaaaa''.


i love mario flash and taking the meaning of the box to a new level was nice.it was funny what was inside it.....*hop* *0o0o0o* *ting* *mamameah* mario's heart-------> </3 <-------traeh s'oiram


hehe... i liked very much! not just because i love mario's movies. you did a good job! make a second part ;) and add more characters :D

Mario And the conan

So was that suppose to be a bomb bomb or a bullit bill what ever the hell that man calls them