Reviews for "mario and the cannon"


LOL i like this flash, you've made a good job ! The music is so good !

There are a problem when the airship is falling, see the background...
I LOVE the mario's face when he discover the "special prize" is just 1 coin !



It was good i liked it but the cannon idea isn't original ive seen it in others still made me laugh and a great first try its hard i tried (very unsuccesful)

Lol, that was cute

but easy on the sound effects bro, it was a bit over kill. The only other problem was the clouds didn't align right. Other than that, I laughed.


you just spelled "prize" wrong


i love mario flash and taking the meaning of the box to a new level was nice.it was funny what was inside it.....*hop* *0o0o0o* *ting* *mamameah* mario's heart-------> </3 <-------traeh s'oiram