Reviews for "mario and the cannon"


mario went through all that just for 1 coin lol

Good idea

^^Good Points^^
I think the graphics was the best aspect of this movie. Your sprite animation was very good and I liked the way you drew some things in like Mario's eyes, head cast, and wheel chair. The storyline was pretty good and there was some good humor in here, like when Mario hurt himself on the cannon. That facial expression you drew just cracked me up.

^^Needs Improving^^
One obvious thing that I found very annoying was the sound effects. I feel that you used Mario's expressions WAY too much. I turned down my volume just because they got too annoying. This was also pretty repetitive at the end.

dex-exe1234 responds:

he he... i really like your reviwing stile (oh noes! im bad at writing!) thanks for believing in a newb extraordinare! i appreciate it! but im emproving! so...... just you wait! and thanks :)

Mario And the conan

So was that suppose to be a bomb bomb or a bullit bill what ever the hell that man calls them


hehe... i liked very much! not just because i love mario's movies. you did a good job! make a second part ;) and add more characters :D

Very good

Funny, but it does get a little tedious after a while. But, it's great because by the end you really want him to get it, then you're as crushed as he is because you know what he's been through.