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Reviews for "The Av3nger"


that was awesome, you should continue with that, you could make it into an awesome story

Excellently done!

This is a very well animated and enjoyable flash to watch. You did a great job portraying the general mood at various parts of the animation, be it light-hearted, horrified, sad, or vengeful, and the usage of music from Naruto (this story obviously being based off that of Sasuke's life) fit in excellently.

I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this in the future.

extremely good

i feel bad for the kid i am 14 and i lost my dad about a year ago and i kbow how it feels thta was great i would like to see a part two soon


That was decent.

Very Emotional

Wow That Was Brilliant But Very Emotional About His Mum And Dads Death you Are A good Flash Maker And I Liked It I Like the Graphics 10/10 I Say But I Can't Wait Untill The Second One Like Were He Does Avenge His Parents.. Maybe Alot Of Blood There.. That Was Cool And I Just Like To Say I Enjoyed It!