Reviews for "Freerun: Go-Man, Scene 1"

sweet but could use better backgrounds

like make it fit the cartoon not make the cartoon fit the background it just dosent fit i love your artwork though


great flash, looks like a dark saturday morning cartoon
you should be working in the field of television or movie animation
you have talent man


The animation is truly slick, but I'm sure you already know this since you're the creator. The story is captivating and I truly can't wait to watch the rest of your work. Great stuff!


The guy who reviewed before me, you're an ass. You're spiteful and you know you'll never do as well as this. This movie is brilliant. Good to see some freerunning in a flash :D Well, a tic tac and a kash at least. I love it. Dont stop flashing!


Completely awesome dude.

The graphics, the style of your work, its astonishing. I am truly in wait for your next work. Fantastic. A well deserved 10, and those are hard to come by for me.

[Suspect's Chosen | Overall - 10]