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Reviews for "''Cleo''"

Ok spedmallet idk where the fuck you have been but Fate's work has been spectacular. U are one of these bullshiters that look on the negative side of everything, if you dont like this THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. THIS IS NEWGROUNDS DEAL WITH IT. And Fate nice work, you still never disappoint me.

Fatelogic responds:

Thanks pal, but nevermind the guy. He's just a troll, he'll eventually grow out of it.

Glad you liked the pic.

Cleo-Cleopatra, la Reina del Nilo;
Cleo-Cleopatra, la Reina del Twist~

cleo fucking shit! my nose bleeding!

Dayyyyyyyyyyyyum! I kinda hoped there would be a... Fabric-challenged version of this? but this is still really freaking nice. I am glad I stumbled upon MLA2 and found your work.

I really like your works, especially the eyes you draw, they're just mesmerising. Oh, and nice pose too, though the hand is quite clumsy on this one.