Reviews for "Confession"


i will definantly go to your website, that style of animation was heaps good! the fuzzy sound was a bit off but wonderful movie over all, can we expect another?

UberStreet responds:

Thabks for the review. I'm working on fixing the sound now. There should be an update shortly. Here's hoping it sounds better.

life sux

don't it? hmm..... hell love is fucked up that way......meh love is for the weak minded!!! oh yeah great, sad stuff.... was he a piece of toast?

Very good.

I thought that was very good.

Sound was a little fuzzy, but still, overall it was very good.

I liked your pencil style flash... looked very nice and very smooth.

hey we have been there

great animation

its because of that kind situation that i have never asked a girl out ever

short and sweet

lol i think its fair to say that what you endured in junior high can be repeated with all of us guys here.

Anyway, i think the artwork was intrestingly fresh; stuff you dont see every day. I prefer that over stick figures.

the only real complaint i had was that it was short, but then again its a confessional, what should i expect?

i think its fair to give you a 5 on this one. i liked it