Reviews for "Confession"

short and sweet

lol i think its fair to say that what you endured in junior high can be repeated with all of us guys here.

Anyway, i think the artwork was intrestingly fresh; stuff you dont see every day. I prefer that over stick figures.

the only real complaint i had was that it was short, but then again its a confessional, what should i expect?

i think its fair to give you a 5 on this one. i liked it


I like the drawn graphics, it shows you put some time into it rather than using paint to draw stick figures, although box and circle figures are the next thing up. I like the style as well, there isn't much like this. Overall, not too bad.

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the review.
Believe it or not there is an actual aesthitc reasoning behind the "shape" characters. I hoped that, through those simple characters, the audience would be able to relate more with the situation. Also, I like simple. To me, a simple and effective story beats an intricate one any day. Thanks again for the review.

not bad

well it wasnt the best but it wasnt the worst either so thats why i gave it a inbetween score. what i liked about it was that that kind of stuff is true,


i will definantly go to your website, that style of animation was heaps good! the fuzzy sound was a bit off but wonderful movie over all, can we expect another?

UberStreet responds:

Thabks for the review. I'm working on fixing the sound now. There should be an update shortly. Here's hoping it sounds better.

Very good.

I thought that was very good.

Sound was a little fuzzy, but still, overall it was very good.

I liked your pencil style flash... looked very nice and very smooth.