Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

it could have been better.

You obviously got potential so try making the movies abit longer & honestly those sprites of your was just horrible, they was a rather insult to old-school console gaming. try actually study a sprite in an animated sequence & see how they are built up.

margarine responds:

haha, well, I don't think I will, seeing as that's the last sprite movie I'll ever try to animate :D Like I said to the last reviewer, they were just meant to look silly. Thanks anyway :)

I can tell you how you can improve

The reason why probably alot of people didn't like it was because of the sprites, even though I found it just fine and the song to be hilarious. But meh, Party 1 and Part 2 pwn. Rock on :D

margarine responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the sprites were meant to just look silly, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for the score :D

Number 1 is a bit better

nice try it could of had been better well done

margarine responds:

Ta, but HOW could it have been better? Tell me, if I don't know, I can't improve. Thanks for the score!

Its somewhat amusing

Until the song that is.Please, for the love of what's left of humanity, never touch an instrument, compose lyrics, or *gasp* SING again.

Thank you

margarine responds:

I see. Are you a twat in all your reviews, or just this one? *checks*
Yep, it's all of them. And you're a police officer. Go figure.
Suck my fat grade 8 pianist cock you aging prick.


It coud have been done better , if you onl...ahhh never mind you'r not going to take these tips anyway so why do I bother.
Eating lunch. D-man.

margarine responds:

I might have done. Depends on what they were? Ah well, too late.
Thanks for the seven D-man