Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

Good flash overall

I liked the screamo parts of your song you made haha thought that was cool. The tree explanation was funny, movies always try to make smart sounding theories/explanations for things and when you acutally find out about it you realize how stupid it actually sounds. Good hob and keep it up

margarine responds:

heh, I was going for the comic SOAD sound with the song. SOAD rule btw, I wasn't tryna take the piss out of them or anything. Thanks for the review!

That was cool man.

I saw both part's, good job.

margarine responds:

Great! Cheers. Phew, this is getting tiring flitting back and forth to respond to reviews.


the song wa hilarious hahah
good work

margarine responds:

Thanks a lot! Mmm, your 10s sustain me :-)


dude the song was soo good i almost cried!

margarine responds:

COOL! Thanks for the 10s

Funny as Hell

Dude! That theme song is retarted as hell but I love it. You should start writing jingles for those retarted condom adds

margarine responds:

Thank you! I am all about the retardedness :D