Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

better than part one

The sprites where amusing and so was the song but thats pretty much it


Wow! Just watched all your Fitch and Jove!
I must say thats the most funny, wicked, crazy cartoons I've ever seen!
Youre gonna be in my favourite-list from now on :)
And your music, wonderful! <3

Im going to check your website now!


margarine responds:

Thank you so much :-) There's mp3 downloads for most of the fitch and jove songs on the site, so have your fill
Thanks for the 10!

Really Creative and Original

After I watched these two gems I checked out your website too. The artwork has come a long way and the humor has always been solid! Great sense of humor and comic timing.

And I understand you do most of the music too? It's wicked!

I'll keep an eye out for more of your cartoons in the future.

Craig Schriver

margarine responds:

Except for the drum solos in the previous episodes (my good chum Alex Porter does those), I do ALL the music :D
Thanks for the top class review!


lol it was wonderful, gj on both awards

margarine responds:

Cheers! You can download the super mario tune on my audio page :P

nice but....

i think the graphics during the song got a bit repetitive. good job... on both of em! :D

margarine responds:

Fair enough. Thanks for the review!