Reviews for "OSM - Glomp!"

A masterpeice.

A brilliant combination of romance, mystery, suspence and comedy. Walt Disney couldn't have done better.

Gardevoir responds:

I'm honored my good sir.


You win for EarthBound. Nice job. I lol'd.

Yay for glompage!!! ^_^

This was actually not too bad! The graphics were obviously the weakest part. In general, sprite graphics are looked down upon, since it's much easier to use sprites than to draw frames. In addition, there wasn't very much movement in the sprites (especially after Ness fell down). Therefore, your graphics were mediocre. Unlike the graphics, the style was decent. The glomp was pretty funny, though it would have been more effective with drawings (especially since you are supposed to glomp the upper body, and you can't show that from an overhead perspective, especially with sprites), and the princess's (or whoever the girl is) bouncing motions were a nice touch. The sound was perfect - the music was perfect, the sound effects were nice, and it wasn't scratchy at all. Finally, there was a lot of humor in here. It isn't the funniest thing that I've ever seen, but it was pretty funny, and you took advantage of all the available opportunities for funny situations. Of course, the glomp was the funniest part. ^_^

This was by no means an excellent flash. However, it is pretty decent, which makes a lot better than some of the crappy spam flashes entering the portal. Overall: 6/10


Short, yet i found it funny.
Nice one bro =D

Probably will be blammed...

It was decent, a cute b-day card, but most Newgrounders won't like it I fear, since it's sprite animation, and short.