Reviews for "FF | Passion"

yup im diggin it=D

soon ima write smtin 2 this, def a fly beat sir=D

freddyfinger responds:

thanks let me check it out if ya finish it!


just got off work, now im kickin back and listenin to some tunes by my man freddy
I smiled rite when i heard the intro
love the percussion
love the sax
feelin the guitar
havin sex with the bass
this track is my new favorite from ewe, really damn chill

freddyfinger responds:

thanks man feel free to have sex the bass anytime

This is chill

nice and cool/
like summertime in a sweet ass pool/
so many times ive seen these clouds fly by/
thats all i got for now haha, i like this dude. fo sho!

freddyfinger responds:

thanks you will be rewarded with eternal salvation


god damn, u should be makin beats for adult swim lol

check my shit out somtime man

~Keep It Boss~

freddyfinger responds:

adult swim beats really inspired me, i found out about fat jon on there and then wanted to produce even more, thats cool they play shit like that

thanks for reviewing homie

You making me jealous

Like DJ-Protege said... deff Adult Swim style...real laidbac..
I need to go with your style...sounds like Pete Rock


freddyfinger responds:

thanks man, pete rock is a hip hop god (i dont think im anywhere near him though haha)