Reviews for "FF | Passion"

(u_u) music got me sooo mellow!


hit me up dude, we gotta chill sometime. I want to meet everyone now that i'm on AIM. my screen name is "MrJanglezz".

good song dude. its just all too mellow..... u already know!
god, dam i love you lol!


freddyfinger responds:

thanks, this is probably my favorite piece i've made, hopefully i can top it in the future!

This is chill

nice and cool/
like summertime in a sweet ass pool/
so many times ive seen these clouds fly by/
thats all i got for now haha, i like this dude. fo sho!

freddyfinger responds:

thanks you will be rewarded with eternal salvation


just got off work, now im kickin back and listenin to some tunes by my man freddy
I smiled rite when i heard the intro
love the percussion
love the sax
feelin the guitar
havin sex with the bass
this track is my new favorite from ewe, really damn chill

freddyfinger responds:

thanks man feel free to have sex the bass anytime

yup im diggin it=D

soon ima write smtin 2 this, def a fly beat sir=D

freddyfinger responds:

thanks let me check it out if ya finish it!

nice work

I especially like the Rhodes sound. Everything is just so mellow and chill

freddyfinger responds:

thanks and nice icon