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Reviews for "Renaissance Nights"

Awww, yeah!

Harpsichords make my heart go all fluttery!
Beautifully rendered period music also gets me right in my gut. This is great. It's better than a lot of music I've heard used in commercial games lately.
Keep up this awesome, awesome music, please!

arne20beta responds:

Why, thank you kind sir! ^^
Harpsichords are, indeed, wonderful to listen to.


this is the true definition of masterpiece. it certainly has that serious/ joyous tune to it that I love about the renessaince. Keep it up.


when i listen tot his when im on runescape i almost completly forget that im on newgrounds.........very similar to runescape tracks.

Love this song

I agree Jolly about Runescape. Good music and this would go well with theirs...

I love this one! It is in my top fans for life. I can't stop listening to it. I really enjoy it...perhaps a bit too much. lol

Good work... I have to make a song like this one day... hmmm **IDEA**


sit back, relax, read a good lecture book with this music on. And enjoy your cultural evening.