Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"


The grafics were really smooth, and your style is good. I think I would have liked it better if I would have not know she was going to use a sword. But I did find the ending slogan funny. Good job.

Sign me UP!!!

...Does this place have Tuition Assistence???

sweet one

that was a pretty sweet animation. i loved the graphics in this one and it had a great concept to it too... even better in my eyes since some of if is based on some place in Vancouver. Whereabouts is this "Academie Duello" in Van anyways?

javierzoid responds:

hey there! thanks a bunch for the compliments and encouragement!
Academie Duello's website is www.learnswordplay.com You'll find all you need to know in there. Later!


haha pretty good. was a bit short but the animation wasnt bad. graphics werent bad either but how good does a zombie have to look?


I'm sure it's already been said (and will be some more) but... a rapier is probably the worst choice of sword I can imagine to use against zombies.

I know this is really just a fencing ad, and trust me... I love fencing (I've done it quite a few times)...

I'd just take a katana over a rapier any day of the week.

Nice ad though!