Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"


it was a good movie, but I don't like that you are trying to advertise a sword fighting academy on a flash cartoon/games site.

im ready 24/7

pretty good.i liked it.i thought it was pretty funny when she took out the sword and the zombie shreiked and his jaw fell off.
Graphics 9: a lil curvy but very fluid.
Style 10: only because i love zombies
sound 5: shoulda had talking
violance 10: i saw blood and gore.
interactivity 0: not even a play button
Humor 7 : like i said zombie shreiking
overall 8: pretty good shit.

(( AWSOME ))

This was interesting, i really like this, it has some amazing graphics, and it had some nice work on the characters aswell, i hope there will be more to this because looks like a good promising series.

Make it longer, and more story aswell.

Great zombie flash, oe of the best i have seen sofar.


the real answer

hmm swords vs guns against a zombie attack
lets see id pick both lol
but seriously a sword would be beter
have you ever tried to find a pocketfull of ammo durring a break
or used the same amount of time chugging a red bull
and yelling fuck you!!!


i thought it was soooo funny that OUT OF NOWHERE!!! a lady pulls a sword from her person, and just shits on all of the zombies. great work. make another one if possable, i want to see what happens to the lady.