Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

I love it!

Really great! The audience demands more! :D


"Swords don't run out of bullets."


So true...

Everyone overlooks the sword in anti-zombie warfare. It goes for as long as you're fit enough to swing it! And the previous folk that said 'chainsaws are better', what do you do when you run out of fuel? Ace animation well done!

This has style.

As both a Pittsburgher, a follower of zombie phenomenon, and a reader of the actual survival guide and World War Z, I gotta say I kinda' like this. Granted, they say that a sword isn't the BEST choice, but I believe it's up there. It is true, though. Swords don't run out of bullets, AND they don't make as much noise either. So, if you're maybe wearing boots and are apt to cutting off heads, then this is fine! You won't get bitten feet and there'll be less zombies in the world.

Now, if only I could get rid of those tight-ass bus drivers...

wait a minute....

lol, i thought that one of the stories was that zombies dont bleed o_o
i read World War Z, along wth the ultimate zombie survival guide